Swiss Closures VS Silk Base Closure Look

The most common question that I hear is “what type of closure is the best?” If you have ever had this question – then this post is for you!

Although both types of closures can be used in addition to your sew-in as a protective style, your choice would greatly depend on the condition of your own natural hair.

If you want the full benefits of a protective style without having to blend your hair with extensions, a lace closure can be a great styling option. It blends seamlessly with our Virgin Hair extensions and can be colored, curled, and reused with the proper care.

Swiss Lace Closures are customized to match your style with knot-bleaching while Silk Lace Closures have a more “life-like” appearance that looks like the hair is growing directly from your scalp.

However, if you are experiencing thinning or balding hair, which can be the cause of several factors including stress and diet, a lace frontal or nape closure can completely change your look. These units usually require the use of glue but our professional stylists use only non-toxic products and are trained in the application and removal of lace glue products.

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